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YouTuber DJ with Sax

DJ Antidope, also known as Anikesh, is a talented Melbourne-based DJ who has gained a large following for his music and social media presence. As Melbourne's first YouTuber DJ, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the local music scene.DJ Antidope is known for his unique style of music mixing and his ability to create a captivating audio-visual experience for his audiences. He regularly performs at council events and fundraisers for various causes, using his music to raise awareness and support.In addition to his DJ performances, DJ Antidope is also a skilled music producer who mixes and masters music at a local music studio. His work has been featured in local newspapers, including Docklands News, highlighting his contributions to the local community.Overall, DJ Antidope is a highly talented and dedicated DJ who has made a significant impact on the Melbourne music scene. His passion for music and commitment to supporting important causes have earned him a loyal following and cemented his place as one of the city's top DJs.

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